Jumat, 03 Oktober 2008

Optimizing Search Engine

Some times ago, I received a question from a visitor, it’s basically but can’t be answered by Yes or No. these questions may be also across in your mind, make you hard thinking to get a decision of investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
If I make an optimizing of search engine, what a guarantee of the sale increasing? If my website stand in 10 rank of each search engine, what the guarantee of my product? Increase order? Payback investment? And other combination of questions.
The answer depends on various factors. We take simple example. Now, you have a website. You hard make a combination of Meta tag, and others, three months later your website is the first rank in Google. You are very happy and proud of it. But what will happen next? Hundreds potential visitors day by day you want do not come yet. The statistic shows 10 visitors every day, what’s wrong? After researched, the favorite keyword of yours is never searched by people. Or the mathematic word: your keyword <> public keyword. How to increase the sale?
The second case, a very rich boss has real estate. He did many things to raise the website in 10 ranks for the key word “real estate”. Wow. The favorite keyword with millions challengers. The statistic shows not less 500 visitors per day visit his website. But, after a month waiting, the boss asks, why there is no transaction? It was a month, 500 x 30 visitor come from the keyword of “real estate”. After researched, the boss forget that he only sell real estate in Jakarta, but the visitors come with “real estate not only find houses in Jakarta, may be New York, LA, Paris or others.
In the case above, give the important to choose keyword to invite correct visitor. The first case because the keyword never search by visitor. The second case because the keyword is too general, may invite a lot of visitors but not for our hope. If selling real estate in Jakarta, why don’t use keyword “Jakarta Real Estate”. Even though the visitor is less, but we get correct visitors with our product.
Ok. Now you have correct keyword, so the process of SEO successful invites potential visitors. But, until now, if your web designer forgets to make “about us” page, that must contains your company’s profile. Visitor does not transaction with you because your website failed to build a trust for them. How the language used in your website is not interesting? Or if the telephone operator is not friendly, and the visitor through telephone feel not comfortable? And various factors than appearance of SEO.
So, SEO is only the gate of customers. If you successfully combine other factors harmonically, of course it can increase the sell.

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