Jumat, 03 Oktober 2008

Link Popularity Concept

About link popularity. After submit your website to various search engines and main directories, what else will you do? Is everything enough and you just waiting the result? Of course not. While waiting the result of registration along 2 weeks until 3 months, you may increase link popularity from your website. Link popularity is the amount of other websites use link to your website. Bigger the link popularity, the rank of your website in search engine will be higher. Google is one search engine that looking at link popularity. Even this factor may be most important. Link from Yahoo or Open Directory will be useful than link from other link. I ever found a website that designed with pictures and flashes, but still included in 10 ranks of Google. After it was researched, this page had been linked by other website that also had high link popularity. How to know the value of link popularity in your website?
For Google, you may enter syntax “link: www.domainname.com in search box. But, there is the easiest way, by using tools link popularity checker. These tools included in internet, one of them is Link Popularity Checker from MarketLeap. Here, you may find amount of link popularity of your website, and other websites. Not only Google, but the result of the main search engine. You can try through the form under the article. In order to increase link popularity you may get barter link with other website. You may contact webmaster from the website. Offer the useful of barter link, and also tell him the relation of your website with his website. Other way is fulfilling the guestbook. In the guestbook, you may add URL of your website; you may also add link popularity. But remember, do not make a spamming.

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