Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

what is the wireless usb

Most of us can use the Internet every day. Users have access to a computer wirelessly to the Internet, or cable, or materials without the need for a son. Wireless USB adapters will help in solving this problem.

Wi-Fi adapter, USB, connects to the USB port on your computer. Also on the NIC (network card), also known as NIC interface card network.

PC USB-port and USB-adapter for wireless connection through cable internet without a wireless modem, or can be accessed. USB-adapter "hot spots" or access point to the user through providers Wi-Fi service is one of the Internet to wireless communications.

Wireless USB-wireless network adapter in the Service Set ID, SSID, or send a signal that is used. Service Set ID is the key, or a specific network (LAN) is a marker. SSID manually entered into a computer, and then you can connect to a wireless network to check if a person can enter.

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